Care and Maintenance of your bentwood box


Each box we sell is finished with oil and shellac on the outside and left unfinished on the inside. It is important to leave them without oil on the inside. While oiled wood is lovely, the oil itself can have an unpleasant smell and it could pass to your belongings. Best to leave the inside natural.


If you feel that you would like to give your box a cleaning and conditioning I suggest simply using a small scrap of cotton cloth and your preferred wood conditioner; mineral oil or orange oil are easy to find in your local one-stop shopping center. Wear gloves while you oil and just give the outside a gentle but thorough rubbing with a modest amount of oil on your rag. The oil will not damage the stitching, but be gentle working the rag over the delicate areas to keep from pulling a stitch oddly. Oiling and rubbing should be more than sufficient to remove surface dirt that accumulates on the handle and posts.


Most important advice when oiling your bentwood box: oily rags are combustible! To avoid a fire your scrap of rag should be laid out flat on a surface such as a cement floor (garage, patio, walkway) until it is completely dry before disposing in the garbage.


Over time your little box will go through changes, the colors will deepen and with additional oiling the finish will become more satin. This is natural, the wood surface oxidizes and darkens with exposure to the atmosphere and sun, and oil will build up. It should be viewed as a beautiful change, a patina earned over time and use.



Wood movement


Your box is made entirely of wood, and wood is subject to periods of expansion and contraction based on the humidity and temperature. Because the snap lid functions based on the flex of the bentwood body, it is subject to change as well, You may notice at certain times that the lid fits looser or tighter, that is natural. To prevent this happening as much as possible avoid exposing your box to extremes, like setting it down directly on damp surfaces. If you inadvertently do, and you find that the expansion of the softwood bottom results in the lid no longer snapping at all, do not worry, just take your box somewhere dry, remove the lid and set it on it's side so the bottom is exposed to dry airflow and it will shrink back down on it's own. Wood is resilient like that, isn't it wonderful!?


Proper care of your little treasure should ensure that it graces your life for many years. Be aware that dings and scratches that may occur over your relationship are natural and should not be viewed as flaws, just evidence of your life together.


Should damage more than a ding or scratch occur, please send me a message detailing the damage and I will give you my advice on how to address repairs.

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